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Who are we ?

A trio of merry men who have left everything behind to live out their dreams on a grand scale

DOVETTA Benjamin

Managing director
Author, Industrial Manager

DOVETTA Benjamin

Benjamin loves thinking and strategy. A real brainiac, he'll take you deep into the recesses of your intellect !



Author, Relationship Manager


Ianis is a big fan of party games and games that go a hundred miles an hour. There's no time to take a breather here, just play to your heart's content !


MAILLARD Guillaume

Managing director
Artist, Artistic manager

MAILLARD Guillaume

Guillaume is the team's geek bible but also, and above all, the concept artist who puts down on paper the still nebulous images in the minds of his two companions.

Logo of Arthory, boardgame designer and vendor

Arthory, what is it ?

Arthory is born from the shared passion of three enthusiasts for gaming and the Geek universe.

We are Ianis, Benjamin and Guillaume, three old kids who decided to slam the door on the daily routine world and open the door on the world of games. Thanks to our complementary skills, we aim to create ever more intense gaming experiences for families and friends.

By combining our three unique personalities, we create games that are accessible to young and old alike, and that parents will enjoy playing just as much as their children. In fact, many of our creations were born out of discussions and games with our own children!

Cross-media is one of our leitmotivs, so some games will see their universe developed through works designed for other media, web-comics, comic books, music, cartoons, etc. And of course, as fans of anime and fantasy universes, the reverse will also be true. The aim is not to get you to play a game 'about' this or that license, but to get you to play 'to' the license ! No more exploiting licenses ! At Arthory, our aim is to make players experience the sensations of the protagonists of the license in question ! The bar is high, but the pleasure and the games are worth the candle.

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